Zoom Embarrassments


Gabriella Moen, Staff Writer

We all know Zoom is complicated, confusing, and even annoying. 

But it can also be funny. And we don’t want to admit we take pleasure in other’s pain, but . . . let’s be honest . . . we do. (After we feel bad for them, of course). There are endless ways to be embarrassed on Zoom. 

The Top Ten are:

  1. Forgetting your camera is on (Believe me; it’s happened to everyone.)
  2. Forgetting your mic is on
  3.  Siblings and parents . . . (oh, yeah, how many times have my siblings interrupted my class?)
  4. Not seeing that you’re still muted when you’re trying to talk
  5. Eating on camera . . . a recipe for disaster . . . *chomp chomp* 
  6. Oops, being called on/UNMUTED when you’re not ready. (Samantha! Go to your room NOW!!)
  7. Sharing a room during COVID/online school . . . Get ready for LOUD
  8. Zooming in a SHARED LIVING SPACE . . .
  9. Still not knowing how Zoom works, despite seven months with it
  10.  Pressing the wrong buttons . . . 


The Daytime  talked to two people about the funny side of Zoom. From the same family, this student and mom are telling the same stories, but completely different experiences . . .


Will Bair (neighbor – son):

The Daytime: Okay, so I’m just going to ask some questions. Have you ever experienced a very embarrassing event on zoom?

Will: Um, yeah. 

The Daytime: Can we hear about it?

Will: Well, there was a kid wearing a Chiefs Jersey and I yelled BOOOO into the mic, forgetting I was unmuted, and my teacher kicked me out of the Zoom. 

The Daytime: That’s a good one. Have you ever forgotten your mic/camera was on and said something or argued with your brother while your mic was on?

Will: Yeah. I was wrestling with him and I forgot my camera was on. But now at least people know I’m a better wrestler than him.


Tamara Wieder (neighbor – mom):


The Daytime: Hi. Thank you for your time. Has anything embarrassing happened to you on Zoom?

Tamara: Uh, yes, not like terribly embarrassing, but yeah, awkward moments.

The Daytime: Can you give me an example of one?

Tamara: Sure. I would be on a Zoom and my children would be fighting in the background or my dog would be trying to get on my lap. Or someone would flush the toilet.

The Daytime: That’s happened to me before.

Tamara: Yeah. 

The Daytime: Have you ever forgotten your mic or camera was on?

Tamara: Oh. yeah, last week on trivia night for a minute I forgot I was muted, but I realized really fast so I didn’t say anything super embarrassing. 

The Daytime: Would you like to say anything else?

Tamara: No, I think that’s it. I do worry about embarrassing myself on Zoom, so I’m very careful. The internet is full of embarrassing videos on Zooms. 

Wait, actually, I was at the meeting about whether or not school was going to be open again and a person actually fell asleep on camera.

The Daytime: Haha! That’s never happened to me before. Thanks for your time!