Book Review: ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities” Is Edge-Of-The-Seat Excitement

'Keeper of the Lost Cities' book series

‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ book series

Hina Sheikh, Staff Writer

Review: 5/5

“Keeper of the Lost Cities” by Shannon Messenger is a wonderful fantasy series that will surely keep everyone on the edge of their seats. It currently has 8 and a half books – with the 9th book coming out this year, so there are plenty of books to keep readers occupied. This  series is full of adventures, conspiracy theories, friendship, and teamwork.

The first book starts off with the protagonist Sophie Foster, who lives in San Diego, and is a unique 12-year-old. She is quite intelligent and attends high school, despite her young age. One day, she meets an eccentric boy in a museum during her school field trip, and that day changes her whole life. Sophie had been hearing people’s thoughts ever since she was little, and she had to hide this secret from everyone, which was why Sophie felt so different from everyone else. This strange trait led her to meet this boy, named Fitz, who explained abruptly to Sophie who she actually is; a telepath. Sophie’s initial reaction was perplexed, and did not take Fitz seriously. But, a minor incident causes her to believe him, unwillingly. Fitz shows Sophie where she belongs and helps her adjust to her fantastic experience. Fitz and his father take Sophie on a tour, and show her her temporary home.

As this series progresses, more revelations will be uncovered and truths from the past will be discovered. Sophie is keen on learning more about who she really is, however these truths will either save the world or destroy it.