How Restaurants Are Dealing With COVID

Sweet Tomatoes Pizza

Ava Pound

Sweet Tomatoes Pizza

Owen Roy, Staff Writer

Ever since the COVID-19 shutdown, people have had to adapt to all different types of things: School, work, visiting family and friends, plus so much more. But people haven’t been the only ones adapting. Businesses have done it too. For example, limiting the amount of people who come in the store or restaurants and doing curbside pickup. These businesses have been trying so hard to keep people going to the stores. But the thing is, how is each store adapting? 

Here is what a few local restaurants are doing to keep everyone safe, as well as how they adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic. So let’s see what our Local Restaurants are doing!

Sweet Tomatoes Pizza

Sweet Tomatoes is a classic in West Newton and I would say a favorite in the area. Sweet Tomatoes currently has a 4 1/2 Star rating on Yelp. I decided to call them up to ask them some questions about what services they offer for COVID. My first question was:  “Did they allow any people in their store, and if so, how many people?”  

The response was, “We allow no people to eat in our store. But we only allow 3 people inside, and it’s only for making orders or asking a question.” 

Sweet Tomatoes does deliver.  A great thing about Sweet Tomatoes is that they have such a good variety of pizzas.

Ledu Thai  Eatery 

Next, we dive into a whole different style of food, Thai. I called up one of our family’s favorite places. Ledu Thai, who offers a spectacular variety of Thai food and have some of the best in the area. I was interested in what they offer in terms of how they adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic. My first question was: “Do you offer outdoor and indoor eating? If so, how many people can you seat?” 

“We now offer any type of indoor seating. We also have outdoor seating, which can seat 6 to 8 people.”  

Supporting Ledu is a huge help, and I recommend helping a local restaurant. 


O’Hara’s Food & Spirits

Our next restaurant is O’Hara’s Food and Spirits. I have driven by this place many times, and I love the vibe. 

In the fall, O’Hara’s took a parking lot out of an auto shop and turned it into outdoor eating. It was safely spread apart and safe. In addition, they have a heating lamp for each table, so for those cold days you can still eat outside and stay warm and cozy. 

Of course, finally, for those who don’t fancy outdoor eating, there is always takeout. 

Blue Ribbon BBQ 

Some solid, trustworthy takeout starts with Blue Ribbon BBQ. If you like bbq, then you will truly fall in love with Blue Ribbon. This place is perfect for those who do takeout. On its Yelp page, it says they also provide delivery. It is definitely a win for those weekends where you just want to be chilling at home, since with Blue Ribbon BBQ, all you need to do is call in and wait till it comes. 

Finally, the food you get is not just “OK” or “FINE.” It’s delicious, out of this world BBQ. YBlue Ribbon BBQ is a must for the BBQ lovers and for those relax-at-home days.

 Los Amigos Taqueria 

The final takeout place is Los Amigos Taqueria. This restaurant on convenient Walnut Street has amazing Mexican food, hands down. What they offer? 

Well, they do both delivery and take out. Just like Blue Ribbon, they are the perfect place for a takeout night. During lockdown, my mom and I purchased food from there. They had a spectacular way of giving you your meal. When picking up the food, just walk in, and they have all of the orders in bags, on top of tables in the restaurant. It is very convenient and efficient. 

So there you have it, a trustworthy restaurant that offers great food and great options.