Trendy Foods from 2020

Julia Dun Rappaport and Sophia Mitchell, Staff Writers

With the winter season in full swing, the top trending fall hits are soon to be forgotten. Every new phase of quarantine brought new and exciting treats. Let’s travel back in time to take a glance at what foods trended last year.

One hit was the viral drink whipped coffee. Launching in late March, this drink interested many people by its appearance. It was also said to be very tasty. Here’s a recipe from, To make whipped coffee, add 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of boiling water to a clean bowl. Using a hand mixer, you whisk/whip it together for about anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.”

Another delicious treat that 2020 loved was the s’mores dip. Consisting of melted chocolate and marshmallows, this treat brought a whole new view to the classic sweet. The easy preparation and quick cook time could have been part of this dessert’s intrigue. One simply needs to layer chocolate and marshmallows in a dish, and pop it into the oven until melted. Foodies dipped their graham crackers in the container for a new approach to s’mores. 

Cloud bread is yet another well known edible experiment from 2020. With only a few simple ingredients, this aesthetically pleasing treat has been a popular choice among bakers. Cloud bread was made famous on TikTok, and many people were intrigued by the colorful fluffy look of it. However, it was not said to be the tastiest treat on the list.

Mini-pancake cereal also soon became all the rage for many trendy individuals. Practically re-inventing breakfast, these pint-sized delights were made in many kitchens. According to, “If there ever was a way to enjoy pancakes, this is it! Mini Pancakes Cereal is the ultimate new trend to hit the internet…”

Considering how unprecedented this year has been, cooking and baking has been a big coping mechanism for all of the crazy times that we have endured. There isn’t much to be thankful for in 2020, but these fun trends are certainly a start.