A Pandemic Puppy – and The Cats She Lives With – Tell Their Story

Belle the Pandemic Puppy

Lily Heald, Staff Writer

Belle the Pandemic (Lily Heald)
Mango, Nina, and Belle. (Lily Heald)

Hi, I’m Belle and I am what people call a pandemic puppy, but I am also cute. I love being able to see my family all day long, but two days of the week both of the smaller humans are gone. They leave for something that is apparently more important than me, though I don’t know what could be.

People walk around with clothes on their faces, I don’t know why!

I also have two other furry friend animals but the are smaller than me and they have claws. The orange one has scratched me a few times and I have learned that he is not a puppy that you can play with (I learned that the hard way). The black one is smaller than the orange one, and they both like to eat my food when I don’t want to finish it. She doesn’t scratch me. She only hit me in the head when I got to close to her, but there was no blood and she didn’t use her claws.

Some things that I love are belly rubs, naps, and cat food. I LOVE cat food. The people don’t let me get to their food, but I think that I should be able to. I also love people they are so nice but I can’t say hello to everyone – only the people that come to me. I need to get what the people call a shot before I can say hello to the other dogs, but I think I am fine and I should be able to say hello now.

I also love to sleep. Sometimes I can’t be alone because the smaller people want to snuggle with me. I also like the snow, I take my nose and shove it into the snow (I also eat the snow). 

Everyone is inside but during the day they are on screens and I hear people’s voices coming out of them. I want to say hello to the people but I don’t see them. When my teeth start to hurt I bite whatever I can get my mouth on. Dirty socks, shoes, toilet paper from the bathroom (but now they keep that door closed) and cords. Oh ya and sometimes I chew on the people, but they hand me these things they call toys instead. 

I was born in September and I love to chase leaves. When I am on walks and it is a windy day I run as fast as I can and I catch the leaves. Sometimes the people hold me on this thing called a leash and I can’t go that far. I don’t like loud noises or when I am alone in my crate and everyone else is eating dinner. 


I am the orange cat and I don’t like Belle. The only good thing that this dog has is her food. I was in the garage because I like it in the winter it is almost like being outside, when I found this bag with dog food in it. It smelled so good that I ripped it open with my claws and ate some. Then a person came out, saw the hole in the bag and took it inside and that was the end of that. Now I have to sneak into her area at night and see what else is left in her bowl. But the people have also realized that I do that and they take away the bowl when she is done eating.

I have tried to tell the people that we were fine without the dog and she is really annoying, especially when she barks. I go up to the gate when the people aren’t looking and I try to get her to come arms’ reach oof me, but she is too smart and won’t come close after I have stretched her a few times.

As you can tell, I do not like the new addition to the family. It was fine without her and I keep on hoping that they have a change of heart a return her to the store that they got her from. 



I know someone in the family that is not taking the adoption of the dog well. Mango hates the dog. He keeps on talking about it to the people, but he doesn’t know that they don’t understand him. I am a black cat, the people call me sweet because I never scratch anybody (other than occasionally Mango). 

I think Mango is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. You see I was here first, the first to be a part of the family. Then one day they can home with that orange ball of fluff. He was kept in a different room at first so that we couldn’t see each other. The first time I laid eyes on him I hissed and hit him on the head and he ran away. We got along for a little bit, We even snuggled and everything was great. Next thing you know he is bigger than me and he takes charge and  chases me. To be clear I don’t chase him, unless he is being really annoying and in my face. Now that the pup is here he isn’t focused on me only the pup.