Holiday Foods – Bakeries and Homemade

Lily Heald, Staff Writer

Antoine’s Pastry Shop (Lily Heald)

People have unique ways to celebrate different holidays and we enjoy an endless list of delicious foods. Here are some businesses that are located in Newton and a family member of mine who all have one thing in common; they all make yummy foods, especially during the holidays.       

Antoine’s Pastry Shop

A bakery that is located in Newton is Antoine’s Pastry Shop. This is a family owned bakery that is located in an Italian part of town. The first family member to start the business was French, so he had to learn how to make Italian pastries. Both of those countries are known for having incredible tasting pastries, so the store captures both country’s traditions in desserts. This bakery has been a part of Newton for 60 years and is still going.      

For the holidays, Antoine’s makes lots of pies for Thanksgiving such as, apple, banana cream, blueberry, pumpkin and pecan pie, along with many others. Also, they make cranberry walnut bread in the holiday season. This bakery has not been affected in a negative way by the pandemic. In fact, according to their staff, their business has gone up. Since they never relied on indoor seating, they continued to sell by takeout and many people bought their food that way. 

They are making sure that they are selling their food in the safest way possible. They have a few rules that they have made. One, they have to wear a mask at all times, two constantly sanitizing their hands, and then not coming in if sick. I also recommend a visit to this bakery especially on a birthday, holiday or if you’re hungry for some sweets.

 L’Aroma Cafe

(As of the finishing of the Article L’Aroma has sadly closed) 

L’Aroma cafe was open every day of the week except Mondays. While everyone was at home, people had time to grab some of their delicious foods. They would make all of their treats and baked goods daily, so they were fresh out of the oven when given to customers who got there early. 

When the coronavirus hit, they did not benefit from this change at all. They had to take space out of their parking lot to create an outdoor seating area. Also, the amount of daily customers decreased by more than half. The owners tried to keep the business running in the face of these changes but sadly they had to close on December 31, 2020. This business had been going for 11 years at their second location in West Newton on Spencer Street, right behind the West Newton Cinema. 

L’Aroma Cafe had many amazing qualities. They had upstairs and downstairs seating, although when the pandemic hit, this was no longer an option. Also, they hung up beautiful galleries of artwork on their walls that customers could buy. The artist had photographs, paintings and 3d art work.   

Some of their most delicious treats were their eggs and croissants. They made butter and almond croissants. The eggs were made like scrambled egg omelettes, they were not burnt or too runny, they were just right and tasted incredible. Their croissants were also amazing and tasted delicious.

If you ever visited L’Aroma Cafe, you probably know that it was calm and has a tasty smell. One of their best sandwiches was their turkey sandwich. The ingredients for the Terrific Turkey sandwich are: turkey, tomato, American cheese, arugula, walnut cranberry bread, and cranberry sauce. 

Even though L’Aroma closed, the building was sold someone that wants to try and run a bakery there. Then there would still be a bakery there and people could still visit where L’Aroma used to be.


Susan Duggan Arayas (Lily Heald)

Aunt Susan

An incredible cook I know is my Great Aunt Susan Duggan Arayas. I have been able to enjoy her delicious foods on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. Her favorite holiday to cook for is St. Patrick’s Day, because it is her anniversary and she loves to have friends over, and celebrate the two important events. Two other holidays that she enjoys cooking for are: 4th of July

and Thanksgiving. The reason she enjoys these holidays is because they all have gatherings of people that she cares about and they get to make delicious foods.

Her favorite foods to cook are pizza, scones, and gelato. She loves to cook pizza because she says, “it is a blank canvas.” Her favorite Thanksgiving food to make are cinnamon buns, but the most popular food that she makes on Thanksgiving is homemade pumpkin soup. Everyone in the family loves all of the foods that she makes and they are all fresh out of the oven when we get to eat them so they are nice and warm.

The easiest food that she makes is grilled cheese sandwiches, with tomatoes and bacon. The hardest food that she makes is puff pastries, because you need to get the right amount of ingredients and just the right temperature.