What People Are Doing This Spring Break

Lily Heald, Staff Writer

The Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts is a relaxing destination for travelers. (Image by BenFranzDale-commonswiki CC Share and Share Alike)

This April break, people won’t be able to do what they usually do. COVID makes traveling harder, because travelers have to quarantine themselves at home or get tested. Teachers and kids are going to try and make the best of this April Break.



With the weather getting warmer, 8th grade history teacher Mr. Barr would like to go camping at a nice quiet place. “New Hampshire or the Berkshires would be the perfect place to go,” he said. “If this was a normal year and COVID never existed, spending quality time with friends and not having to worry about your health and safety.”

Mr. Barr offered one piece of safety advice for travelers. “Even though things are getting better, that doesn’t mean we have to stop being careful,” he said. “Try to stay outside as much as you can while with other people.”

Ms. Wiese, a 7th grade history teacher, would like to get rest and spend time away from screens. She is planning to spend more time outside in the nice weather biking and seeing friends (with social distancing, of course). “If COVID was not an issue I would be celebrating my sister’s birthday in Paris,” she said. Since that couldn’t happen they still got to celebrate at home. She hopes that people remember to take all of the safety precautions: “We’re so close to the finish line, and I really want us to have a great end to the school year.”



Anya Milet is a 6th grade distance student. For this April break, she wants to hang out with some of her friends outside and do cookouts. “I also want to bake more,” she said. All people would want to have delicious treats, whether they’re baking them or not. If COVID was not an issue, life would be completely different, like many of the other students she would be having sleepovers, hanging out with friends and traveling without masks and staying 6 feet away from each other.

It’s very simple but she says, just maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask, will help so much.


Canina Wong is an 8th grade hybrid student on the Evergreen team. During this April break, she is going to hang out with friends (while social distancing) and doing in-person and online gymnastics. Also, Canina wants to catch up on reading and go to the library. If COVID was not an issue, Canina would most likely be traveling to Canada or to another state. She also may have been participating in a gymnastics camp. Some advice that Canina has, is to continue to follow the rules that have been put in place such as wearing a mask, social distancing, sanitizing, washing hands, etc. She also said, “Try to keep traveling to a minimum, and if you really need to travel, follow all of the safety protocols.”


As you can see, most of these students and teachers are doing similar activities. Try to get outside and away from screens, and have an amazing April Break!