Book Review: “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer


Anastasia Gordivsky, Staff Writer

Review: 5/5

Twilight is a fantasy romance novel written by American author Stephenie Meyer, and it was published on October 5, 2005. It’s the first book out of five of the Twilight saga, and it was also made into a movie. The book is about a 17 year old girl named Bella in high school who is struggling with her new school. She is living with her divorced father in Forks, Washington. Forks is a city in Washington that is very cloudy and doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. 

Later, she falls in love with a vampire named Edward who goes to her school, and they get into a complicated romantic relationship. Even though Edward and his vampire family are a risk to Bella’s safety, they still try to protect Bella in the best way they can in order to make Bella and Edward’s relationship work out and keep Bella safe from danger.

The story about how Edward’s family become vampires was really interesting, and it was really different from most fictional stories about vampires. There were many details about the transformation process and the vampire family history that pulled me deeper into the book and taught how different changes can occur. The process of being turned into a vampire was the same as shown in various other vampire books, but more details are added in the transformation that make the process seem more realistic if vampires really did exist. All the characters were developed well, even the minor ones. That made the book more amazing, because all the reasoning behind the vampire process seemed less childish than most changing processes, so it wasn’t very repetitive, and the character development made the book more fascinating and interesting because of the type of people in the book. Also, the book elaborates more on Bella and Edward’s relationship, and it gives an insight into how people can make complicated situations and circumstances work. It’s recommended to learn more about complicated situations such as a romantic relationship between a human and a vampire, an entirely new species, because it will be useful for future complicated problems that may come up, as they will become easier to solve. The plot is thought out very well too.

Twilight is a young adult fiction book, so the content in it may not be suitable for younger people. Of course, anyone can still read it, but it’s been warned that some people might not enjoy reading the book if they are too sensitive about different topics like violence and blood that come up in the book. Overall, this book is recommended for people who like fantasies and are interested in supernatural topics, and for people who like romance novels and like really long books with different topics to explore.