Book Review: “Proud” by Ibtihaj Muhammad


Hina Sheikh, Staff Writer

Review: 5/5

Proud by Ibtihaj Muhammad, is based on the first Muslim African American to be an Olympic Medalist–Ibtihaj Muhammad. This book is a memoir of Ibtihaj’s life. She embarks on a tough journey to find her true self and her desires. Ever since Ibtihaj was in middle school she had been treated differently based on who she was, and how she identified herself. 

Sports had always been a big part of her family. Whether she and her siblings would do sports was out of the question. The real question was which sport they would choose. Ibtihaj chose a variety of sports when she was young, and always had to alter the sports uniform because of her religion. One day, as she and her mother drove to Columbia High school, in Maplewood, NJ, they saw a group of high schoolers with a full covered uniform–fighting with swords. Ibtihaj and her mother had no idea what sport that was. However, her mother suggested she do the sport when she got to high school, which was perfect, since she wouldn’t have to alter the uniform, and wouldn’t feel unwelcomed.

Ibtihaj ended up pursuing that same sport they saw in high school that day–fencing.  It gradually grew into her passion. She constantly worked hard in academics and sports, which eventually paid off as she got to join the U.S. fencing team.

As her fame increased, she started to realize that people were starting to look up to her. She thought that it was her job to make sure there was someone like her on an Olympic stage and a role model. This book is full of great lessons and is a great read!