The Journey Back to Normal Life with the Vaccine

Julia Dun Rappaport, Staff Writer

Illustration by Julia Dun Rappaport

With the COVID-19 vaccine available to a younger demographic, students are getting excited about what this vaccine means in terms of activities. Many pastimes that seemed like a fantasy in the era of COVID-19 could become reality when more people consider it safe enough to return to regular life. The vaccine brings more than just safety; it brings normalcy. 

The pandemic has limited what people are able to do, and the vaccine represents a turning point for our world. Many people stopped flying in planes and traveling, as well as limiting eating in restaurants, going to concerts, seeing friends, and more.

Though this virus has been limiting, many are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel of COVID. Many students are looking forward to returning to normal life. 

However, there is a large chance that what we used to consider “normal life” is now forever altered. All of our lives are now divided into two radically different categories — post- and pre-pandemic. Though nearly everything about daily life has shifted, we are inching back towards what could be called the “new normal.” According to, “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. As the rate of infections begins to slow down in some hard-hit areas, early signs of recovery are appearing. Some towns, cities and states are starting to slowly reopen businesses, public areas and more.” Though COVID-19 has changed a lot, we are slowly making progress in returning to routine life.

Recognition of the ability to actually get the vaccine is also an important step in returning to post-pandemic life. According to, “If you are vaccinated and healthy and can return to more normal activities, then you are in a fortunate group after a year of such devastating losses.” It can be easy to forget the privilege of a vaccine. Though it is easy to overlook the easy accessibility of vaccines to our community, acknowledging the positive parts of our daily life can be so needed for mental and emotional health. 

Notes of hope are in the air with the vaccine availability, and it is exhilarating to watch the world begin to open up. While it is important to remember that recovering from the global pandemic will take a while, it is wonderful to get excited for our changing world.