Bubble gum, Mint gum, All Types of Gum!

Bubble gum, Mint gum, All Types of Gum!

Anastasia Gordivsky, Staff Writer

Many people in school love gum, and there’s all kinds of gum too! There’s bubble gum, mint gum, citrus gum, and there is even cinnamon gum, bacon gumballs, and wasabi gumballs. Gum is a favorite among many sweet-lovers, and it’s popular to share among friends in different places. It was even allowed during MCAS for many school years, although gum won’t be allowed by some homeroom teachers during MCAS of 2021. But, that doesn’t mean gum isn’t still popular among students and teachers in F.A Day middle school.

Let’s take a look at some favorite gum flavors:

Tyler Vazquez, 6th grade: “Cinnamon.”

Rishi Prabhu, 7th grade: “I like just regular pink gum like Double Bubble. Or Orbit gum with the pink gum.

Sophie Park, 8th grade: “If I could choose a favorite flavor of gum, I would pick orange.”

Some teachers shared their favorite gum flavors as well as what they think about students chewing gum in school: 

Mr. Brown, band/orchestra teacher: “1. Extra Polar Ice. 2. I’ll allow gum in schools!”

Ms. Dames, 8th grade Ivy ELA teacher: “Favorite flavor: spearmint. [I] don’t think students should chew gum in school because often they don’t throw it away properly. Instead, it gets stuck to desks, chairs, and the floor and makes a mess someone else has to clean up.”

People at F.A Day sure have a big variety of favorite gum flavors. Maybe one day a new gum flavor will be invented, and there will be new favorite flavors to come!