FA Day Students Share Their Summer Plans


Martha’s Vineyard

Anastasia Gordivsky, Staff Writer

Martha’s Vineyard

With only a couple months spent in person, this school year is coming to an end. COVID-19 has limited and prevented so many activities that people would have done if the world didn’t get quarantined. But now with COVID-19 vaccinations, the world is slowly starting to get back to normal.The Gath pool is opening again this summer according to newtonma.gov, and F.A Day 8th grade students have already started seeing the pool getting filled up. Some mask rules are being lifted by the order of Gov. Charlie Baker, as mask-wearing is now optional in restaurants and outdoors, and optional indoors for fully vaccinated people. As the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming better, here is what students and teachers at F.A. Day Middle School are planning for this summer;

Franco DiStefano, 6th grade: “I’m going to Spain for a month.”

Hugo Im, 6th grade: “I am going to play video games and record videos and talk to friends by calling!”

Penelope DeSelms, 6th grade: “I’m going to a sleepaway camp for 3 weeks with my friend, and I’m going to New York with my friend. ”

Sophia Stockton, 6th grade: I’m going to camp with my friend (wearing masks and stuff), and I’m also gonna play video games with my friends.”

Oliver Chi, 6th grade: “Do absolutely nothing.”

Alexandra Graves, 6th grade: “I’m going to visit my dad in Texas!”

Katarina Graves, 6th grade: “I’m going to visit my dad in Texas and then go for a road trip to Nebraska to see my grandparents!”

Hannah Naimark, 6th grade: “I am going to spend the summer at my grandparents in Estes Park, Colorado, and go to camp. I am also going to play a LOT of Minecraft.”

Alexei Kvorosten, 6th grade: “Greece, Cape Cod, and Maine or New Hampshire.”

Owen Roy, 6th grade: “I’m going to the Outer Banks in NC and NY.”

Gabriella Urdaneta, 6th grade: “I’m going to New Hampshire, and my cousins are coming from Florida.”

Ken Matsuoka, 6th grade: “I have summer camp”

Juliana Rivera, 6th grade: “I’m going to camp!”

Daniel Herrera, 6th grade: “I will hibernate”

Malia Z. Thompson-Leong, 7th grade: “I’m going to Hawaii”

Natalia Ferrer, 7th grade: “I’m going to Puerto Rico.”

Vinnie Arcuri, 7th grade: “I’m going to be working this summer.”

Sophia Richard, 7th grade: “I’m going to Yellowstone and I’m going to be a CIT at Auburndale station.”

Chloe Bruce, 7th grade: “I don’t have any plans, but I’ll do whatever seems fun at the time.”

Rishi Prabhu, 7th grade: “I will just take the year as it comes. Gonna do what God tells me to do.”

Damare Cain, 7th grade: “Going to Aruba in South America”

Sophia Ellis, 7th grade: “I’m going to Vermont”

Sophia Lucas, 8th grade: “I’m going to work on the Cape and I’m going to hang out with my friends.”

Nicole Doucette, 8th grade: “I think I’m going to go to Florida and I’m helping out at Creative Steps (dance studio).”

Anna Sulewski, 8th grade: “I am going to environmental science camp. It’s a camp where we do trash pick ups and hikes and kayaking and things like that. I’ve never been before.”

Ms. Genier, 6th grade Sky Science teacher: “I’m going to be working at a camp and hanging out with my kids”

Ms. Wiese, 7th grade Fire Social Studies teacher: “Well, hopefully I’m going to spend a lot of time at the beach. And hopefully, I’m going to have a lot of sleep. Mostly, I’m going to be wedding planning. I’m getting married in August, and there’s a lot of things to do before then. It is exciting. I gotta figure out all the food, and the music, and all sorts of things. And, I gotta get the dress fitted. So, it’s going to be busy. And then, I don’t know, I’m going to Martha’s Vineyard for a few days after that, which should be nice.”

Mr. Moffitt, 8th grade Ivy Social Studies teacher: “I’m going to spend three weeks in Chicago visiting my cousin and her family.”

That is just a small collection of what people at F.A. Day are going to do over the summer. Surely many other people have exciting summer plans as well. Have a great summer everyone!